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The Nano Channel Chip

We produce the Nano Channel Chips ourselves in the world-class clean room facility of DTU in Denmark.
All Nano Channel Chips are in principle very similar, but the thickness of liquid and membranes vary, as well as the channel pattern which can be optimized for liquid-area in the field of view or specific flow and mixing capabilities.
If we do not have the chips you need in stock, we’ll make them for you!
Adjust SiN thickness down to 10 nm and liquid thickness down to 20 nm – and let us design a nano channel flow structure that suits your need for mixing, flow, or maybe just having a large viewing area.

TEM holder with 4-inlet flow control

Optional: Heating up to 200 C°

Recommended use with Fluigent pressure-based flow controller

Available for JEOL and Thermo Fisher TEMs

Possible to rent on a monthly basis!

This 4-inlet flow control holder makes the best use possible of the Nano Channel Chip, which also has four inlets. The TEM flow holder has four inlet ports in the back which can be accessed to control flow and mixing during TEM experiments.Together with a Fluigent pressure-based flow control system, you can flow and mix to the full extent possible with the Nano Channel Chip.

Static TEM holder

Optional: Heating up to 200 C°

Available for JEOL and Thermo Fisher TEMs

Extra high tilting angles possible

Possible to rent on a monthly basis!

This static holder is an extremely robust and easy-to-use TEM holder.
It is the fastest and most reliable solution in the world when it comes to getting high-resolution imaging in liquid.
Because there are no flow-tubes in this holder, it can be made much thinner and more narrow, to maximize alpha-tilting inside the TEM.

Flow holder for SEM and optical microscope

Available in PEEK, Aluminium, Stainless Steel 316

Recommended use with Fluigent pressure-based flow controller

Excellent add-on for refining TEM experiments in optical before wasting precious TEM time

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Over the last several years, we have been using our SEM / optical holder a lot more than our TEM holders!The reason is that it is very easy to use and enables us to “play” with our Nano Channel Chip until we find the correct procedure for preparing the sample and flow/mix it in the right way – before wasting precious and more demanding time on the TEM.A lot of details can be observed in optical or SEM, and as long as atomic details are not required, it is an excellent way to start refining your experiment. And  a lot can actually be seen in optical! In dark-field optical microscope, it is possible to see particles down to 50 nm in size. And due to changes in the refractive index, it is possible to see if something precipitates in the nano channels.We therefore recommend starting with a SEM / optical holder or getting one as an add-on to your TEM holder, to save you precious time and make optimizing experimental setups a lot easier.

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Clean room fabrication:
Customized chips

Being experts in clean-room fabrication and having access to a world-class facility, we offer custom chips for your research.
Interested in custom chips? Contact us


We are experts in using our own equipment – so why not let us acquire preliminary results for you? Such results will help you clarify if you need to invest in an SEM or TEM holder and will aid in obtaining the needed grants.

Demos and equipment

Interested in seeing the Nano Channel Chip in action? Either come visit us at DTU in Denmark or have us come to you! Either way, we will show you how the system is prepared and put to use and we will make sure you get your own hands accustomed to operating the system so you can do it yourself if you ever choose to get a system for your lab.

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