We provide a full system for liquid-cell TEM

Monolithic liquid cell for TEM and SEM
Why monolithic? (It means made in one piece.) Because:
- It eliminates all assembly time, since there is nothing to assemble.

- It eliminates all cleaning time while ensuring clean-room cleanliness

- The chip can be directly inserted into the holder, all ready in under 5 minutes!

Monolithic liquid-cell

We are the first to make a monolithic liquid-cell for TEM because the clean room fabrication processes involved are extremely difficult. But our team has spent 10 years perfecting the art, and with The Nano Channel Chip we can now offer:
- Precisely controlled liquid thickness down to 20 nm

- Precisely controlled SiN membrane thickness down to 10 nm

- A double-bypass system, making it possible to fill the channels in down to 1 second!

-Mixing directly in the field of view

- Bulging reduced to <10 nm due to the channels being only 1-3 µm wide


With well-defined liquid thickness, and a large viewing area of 500x100 µm, the chip is perfect for
- High-resolution imaging

- 3D Electron Diffraction


- Holography


Wide range of use

Works both for TFS and JEOL
- Seamlessly transfer the Nano Channel Chip between TEM and SEM

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